National Football League the most prominent stars in the league.

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The National Football League there are rookies coming out.

Every year in the National Football League there are rookies coming out to make an impact in the league. Some of these budgets are the wonders of the year, while others become the most prominent stars in the league.

So which rookies have a bright future in the National Football League?

The list below lists the top 5 rookies in the National Football League. With the best chance of helping their teams in the years to come.

Braylon Edwards – WR – Cleveland Browns.

Braylon Edwards has shown during his short time in the NFL that he has great potential to play. With 2 games, Edward made an average of 24.6 yards. On each catch, and he already has 80 TD catches in his belt. Edward has a size, 6-3, and speed, 4.45 on a 40-yard dash, to be the best receiver in the NFL. To be truly noticed, however, he may have to leave Cleveland. Edward won’t make it to the big time as Trent Dilfer throws the ball to him.

Mark Clayton – WR – Baltimore Ravens

Mark Clayton did well enough in just 2 weeks, to be named as the start of Week 3. Clayton made 7 catches as a backup through 2 weeks. And showed the kind of skill that made him choose the 22nd. draft. He is very dangerous when he has the ball in his hands. And he has shown that he is a great player around (a good striker with him). The same goes for Clayton as it did for Edwards though. He needs to get into the top spot to make the most of the time.

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The National Football League Player Derrick Johnson – LB – Kansas City Chiefs

Derrick Johnson was very prominent to start his NFL career. He currently leads the team in 17 battles (15 of them alone), and has helped. Kansas City change the way they look defensively. He has been forced to make a mistake, if he continues at this level. Which could be a big reason for the Chiefs to go a long way in the playoffs this year. Johnson is a speed defender, and is very good at passing cover. Expect Johnson to earn heads as a rookie of the year if he can continue his amazing game.

Kyle Orton – QB – Chicago Bears

Kyle Orton started the preseason as defender of the Chicago Bears 3rd string. Behind the directors, Rex Grossman and Chad Hutchinson. Not only is Kyle Orton the start of the quarterback, but he has shown enough promise that people are starting. To doubt whether he will ever quit Rex Grossman. Orton came out peacefully and accurately, and helped the Bears become strong in the Middle Ages. Orton is looking for a real deal, and despite his slow pace. He has shown that he has arm strength and accuracy to be the best NFL quarterback.

Carnell Williams – RB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In 2 games Carnell Williams ran 276 yards, a 5.4 average, and 2 TDS. The case that John Gruden is running is right for Williams, and it should help him show off his outstanding skills. He has 1 step explosion, and has shown he can run between tackles, and has the speed to get out. As long as Gruden runs things in Tampa Bay, Carnell should be an extremely productive runner. Expect Carnell to be the best running back in the National Football League for many years to come.

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Although owner Jerry Jones was speaking during a radio interview on Tuesday. He acknowledged that Cooper’s absence had cost the team dearly.

“Amari Cooper is outstanding,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan. “He’s one of the best boys you’ve ever had anywhere. He’s great in his description of things and the way he does things.

“Author not realize what designation to put it in but I am surprise at it”. He said in an evaluation with TMZ. “Are you kidding? I found a guy named Cedrick Wilson who made $ 2 million and a boy Noah Noah who made $ 1 million? And I found a guy who made $ 21 million, on the bench, at home, not playing. He’s crazy.”

The Cowboys lost 19-9, and with the exception of his two leading quarterback Dak Prescott he carried a heavy load.

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