AFC West San Diego faced five playoff teams during the regular 2004.

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AFC West victory over The San Diego.


A 12-5 consecutive victory over the San Diego Charders was an impressive NFL team in 2004 considering. They sent a bad record of 4-12 straight up and 6-10 ATS in 2003. If you had ridden your car on these. Charders all season in 2004 was a really happy player as the Bolts got 13-2-2 ATS marks. When everything was said and done.

If not for the FG who missed the mud-soaked rain against the Jets in last year’s Charders opening game. There is no indication of how far the momentum of these Bolts could be carried. If they consider the Jets defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the same way next week.

However, in the big picture San Diego faced five playoff teams during the regular 2004 season. And scored a straightforward score of 1-4 in those games with their only win against the play-offs. Against Denver 20-17, a poor performance of the Chargers. In 2004 it was their 31st ranked defense that forced the Bolts to overtake the teams.

A closer look reveals that the Charder defense has registered only 29 sacks all season. Which means that not all cases in that 31st world defense can be counted on Bolt defenders. The other case must go to the defensive line that. failed to compress opposing QBs. The Bolts have named two potential defenders for their first two picks by selecting. DE Shawne Merriman from Maryland and DT Luis Castillo from the Northwest.

Chargers were installed like dogs ten times in 2004, this was a major reason. Why the Bolts were able to spread the point of success they had last season, as already mentioned. These Charders will not be a snob to anyone this season and include oddsmaker.

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Strengthen his defense in the 2005 campaign.

The now healthy Kansas City Chiefs will fight the Bolts back and forth to win the entire season. A sense of urgency will fill the Chief’s position this season because HC Dick Vermeil. And most of his coaches are in their final year. of their contracts.

Chiefs and Raiders had a very good plan, Chief Dick Vermeil knows that his defense allowed. The opponents to surpass any other team in the league last season. Vermeil was able to strengthen his defense in the 2005 campaign by signing a free team. Former Steeler LB Kendrell Bell and former Miami defensive back CB Patrick Surtain and SS Sammy Knight.

Kansas City finished 4-1 straight and 3-2 ATS went down last season and when the smoke was cleared it. Made the NFL number one off 418.3 yards in each tournament 14 yards per game. On average there is a second place. The Indianapolis Colts, if the Kings can stay healthy and avoid. Another 1-4 and the ATS start of the season, will also be a contender for the playoffs.

Did you hear that? Speaking of rumors coming out of Colorado and especially Denver these days, could it be that Bronco HC Mike Shanahan. Really is a very limited property that should not be commended in the past?

However, the fact that Shanahan and his troops have failed miserably since the retired QB star John Elway. Retired, The Stanford brand retired following his Super Bowl victory and in the six seasons. Since his retirement the Broncos have successfully played out. Three times, however, Denver have not yet made it to their opening playoff game and each of these three playoff games. Ended in a complete defeat the Broncos lost by an average of 37-12 points.

AFC West Defensive players from the Cleveland Browns Program.

Shanahan has a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering if anyone has applauded about his draft selection and free agent signing this season, I disagree with this …. Why not sign four defensive players from the Cleveland Browns Program. Where the same Cleveland defense. Brown allowed 144.6 yards to run back in 2004?

Why would Shanahan use the third-round pick of troubled RB Maurice Clarett. Who sat out last season and was nothing but an obstacle to the Ohio State Buckeye program? Does Shanahan like controversy in his party? Is Shanahan trying to prove that he can rehabilitate troubled children better than psychologists? And what about those defensive guards from the Brownie organization. Does Shanahan think his defense coach is teaching a better way. Than Cleveland to overcome a lack of talent or heart?

Questions questions, questions about what Dem Ray’duhs is like? Watching his team finish with a 5-11 straight record with a 6-10 ATS in 2004 did not sit well with owner Al Davis who once in his 2nd year HC Norv Turner had one of the best records in any team in the league in . snatched Nebraska CB Fabian Washington with their top pick followed by Houston CB Stanford Routt and Arizona State QB Andrew Walter in their second and third rounds.

In total, using seven selected draft Oakland lined up five defensive. Silver and black players and signed a free agent about bringing former Jet RB Lamont Jordan and former. Viking WR Randy Moss into town with four other free signings for strengthen them. their defense.

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AFC West seems to be a two-horse race.

The Raiders, like rivals San Diego and Kansas City, all had similar inefficiencies in 2004. Which was a complete defense and especially beyond defense. Oakland conceded 371 yards in each of their opponents in 2004 placing them in 30th place in total defense. And only Kansas City and San Diego allowed more yards in the air than Oakland last season.

Needless to say, Oakland owner Al Davis has reached his boiling point after seeing his favorite Raiders send. A combined record of 9-23 straight up and 9-22-1 ATS since the Raiders appeared in the Super Bowl. Against Tampa Bay on January 26, 2003, however, this year’s harvest and payment agent. Seem to have fixed the ship’s talent intelligence, now it is just a matter of getting all. This new talent to come together as a team.

In conclusion, AFC West seems to be a two-horse race between the Charger and the Chiefs to win. The division title, based on the way the teams finished in 2004. The Chargers face a tough NFL system and will not slip into anyone this season, look to play against the Bolts. When on the road as a favorite puts over FG.

The public will never play anything other than OVERS when it comes to Kansas City Chiefs in 2005. And who can blame them as the Chief matches outnumbered 10 times out of 16 last year. Surprisingly the number of O / Us placed in the tournament -Chief at the end. The year was 46 or more in 12 of the 16 games!

However, the Chiefs have the fourth toughest NFL plan and must show defensive development. That will create a “value” by playing Chief matches. That will be LESS this season and especially if the number is over 48.

Improve their winning / losing season record in AFC west 2005.

Denver has proven to be unreliable in many areas since then and seems to be at a low level. I would advise you to choose your locations carefully with these Broncos.

Oakland should definitely improve their winning / losing season record in 2005. As this will be HC Norv Turner’s second year in charge and QB Kerry Collins ‘second year. Under Turners’ trial, however the high profile signing of WR Randy Moss and RB Lamont Jordan. There will be “Joe Public” bettors throwing a meal at the Raiders which will create a “Value”. Against Silver and Black and especially if you are on your way too early.

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