Recruiting Football Rules For Colleges.

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Recruiting Football Rules to play college football I looked up.

Recruiting Football Rules?

At first when I wanted to know what was required of my son to play college football I looked up the internet late at night, Read a lot of books and asked a lot of questions i was always getting a variety of answers and immersing EVERYTHING Because I knew what? I was a crazy Mom who loved football and wanted nothing but her best son … and thousands of other parents out there, but the one thing I knew was that I had a son who wanted this more than me! That was the most important piece of advice I could give to anyone. my son told me earlier. “Mom, I will get a D1 Scholarship I will get a Heisman. And I will play in the NFL.” I said, “Well, that’s fine”.

I know I could not predict his future but I can certainly help pave. The way and I believe everyone’s path is different My self believe there are certain aspects of life that. If we live by them we can all have a scholarship to go to college. Get a Heisman or play in the NFL many of these signs I have read and heard that. College coaches look at their football players inside and outside. The stadium It all translates into life in a full circle! What you do in the community affects your faith >> affects your scholars >> affects your colleagues >> affects your school >> affects your future prospects >> etc …

I tell my son to practice at least one of the skills I learned while serving in the Navy. Summary: JJDIDTIEBUCKLE (Judgment, Justice, Honesty, Integrity, Determination, Strategy, Action, Endurance, Carrying, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Integrity, Enthusiasm) high.

Coach Test

Football IQ

Ability to run

Eye Test



The community

These are just a few things that college coaches look for when assessing. The future of high school football and there are many other factors to consider such as. The current depth chart, bursaries available by position and other internal considerations.

I see that every team should have guidelines and procedures for coming up with someone. Who feels they are in line with their football plan, but sometimes the results are not always successful. Character is a very important characteristic and although coaches would like to have it for all players. It does not always work that way. Unfortunately, for those with an amazing character, they are sometimes overlooked because either they did not pass an eye test. Or they did not have “outstanding” ratings regardless, everyone has their own way and I remind my son that if he can tell me. To bring home the C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. cleverly, then that is greater than any Trophy I would have to remove!

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Football College Recruiting rules

Now that the merger season is coming to an end, our next game plan for how to rent. My son’s college football is to research a few NCAA College Recruiting rules. Apparently every combination or show we go to there is a coach or a representative from some kind. Of hiring service They give us a hand that separates the details or ratings required by D1 schools. From college employees (I will post another blog on D1 ratings later). But they do not go deep into the rules of the NCAA recruitment rules and if it is one thing. We have learned from this game that before you play it, you should know the rules of engagement.

Football hiring has become a powerful and competitive enemy, almost as if you are wasting 50% of your time on the game and hiring process. Trying to find ways to evenly distribute athlete’s time between school, training, integration & shows, hiring, marketing (another important topic I will return to later) and most importantly … make sure your athlete is a child! All of these pieces in my opinion are important if your athlete is not a 6’5 “280 lb football phenomenon!

About Hiring Rules or guidelines.

I was able to search the web and pull out all the rental service offers up to # 1 in the page rankings on Google. The best place to learn about everything you ever wanted to know about Hiring Rules or NCAA guidelines is on the NCAA website. I have found that there are too many rules governing the NCAA, so here are a few that I believe are a good start.

Qualification of NCAA Employment:

There is a wealth of information on how to get proper registration with the NCAA. You can download the quick hiring guide from the NCAA website.

NCAA Prohibited Drugs:

In today’s competitive football system, coaches want the biggest, strongest and fastest. There are a lot of young athletes who take illegal and banned things. And can make your athlete be barred from qualifying. Even some nutritional supplements and foods that you may think are harmless. An make your athlete deemed unfit to play in the NCAA. Review these specific guidelines and banned drugs for the NCAA 2013-14.

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NCAA Hiring Calendar:

Of course, there are certain times of the year. When college coaches are not allowed and are not allowed to contact an athlete. There is a D1 football rental calendar on the NCAA site and other categories. You will want to look at other categories, because there is a lot of money. To study in those schools as well.

NCAA Academics:

The domain covers a wide range of academic information. Which I found to be very interesting information about the sliding scale of the NCAA. Now we all know that our students strive to be “A” straight students. But sometimes that is not always the case. The NCAA has a smooth scale that measures student GPA and SAT / ACT scores.

These few findings are helpful and have helped me to understand the rules for participating in college football. Exciting reading!

Stay tuned for our next addition to “College Football Hiring Journey – Measuring Your Athlete’s Ratings”

About Bryson

My son Bryson Richardson is a Football Prospect Class of 2018. He is an athlete student at Collins Hill High School, Suwanee, GA. His position is Wide Receiver and Corner Back. He can be contacted through his website. Or through his coach Kevin Access Follow Bryson’s Lease Tour at [].

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