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Week 15 Review Of NFL The Game Started With The Patriots.

Week 15 Review of NFL

The New England defeat of the Miami Dolphins was big news for the Denver Broncos. Who lost earlier this week to the San Diego Charger. The Patriots loss gives Broncos Home Field Advantage to the Playoffs. The game started with the Patriots going 3-0 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, touchdowns were sold out after Brady connected with Michael Hoomanawanui from 13 yards and Ryan Tannehill. Met Mike Wallace to get 39 points with the Patriots leading 10-7 in the half.

In the third quarter, Caleb Sturgis tied the game for 10 with his 32-yard field goal. There were a lot of things in the fourth quarter and with 14:54 left in the game. Tannehill threw Daniel Thomas for a 2 yard touchdown and the Dolphins had their first game of the game 17-10. Stephen Gostkowski kicked a 23-yard field goal down the remaining 4 points. With 4:07 left in the game, the Patriots took the lead again. When Tom Brady connected with his favorite of the day. Julian Edelman, with a touchdown of 24 yards and the Patriots again leading by 20-17 points. The Dolphins then started their 4-minute error and moved the ball slowly across. The field and Tannehill threw a touchdown from 14 yards to Marcus Thigpen. With 1:15 left in the game and the Dolphins were able to hold on and beat the Patriots 24-20.

The two teams in the league.

With so many controversies in the game, the two teams in the league. This year are holding a very good game with a lot of features. Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has decided to bench. Quarterback Robert Griffin III in a match against the Atlanta Falcons. Shanahan is already in the hot seat and is in danger of losing his job. After a season that decided to start Kirk Cousins ​​in place of Griffin. Atlanta kicked off the game with Steven Jackson grabbing the drive with a 3-yard touchdown score. And Matt Ryan connected with Tony Gonzalez with a touchdown from 13 yards giving. The Falcons a 14-0 lead. -3: 52 In the first.

A quarter. The Redskins countered with a touchdown when Fred Davis caught 23 yards from the Cousins. And the Redskins trailed the Falcons 14-7 after the first Quarter. In the second quarter Matt Bryant extended the lead for the Falcons with a goal from 20 yards out. The Redskins went on to score 3 consecutive points for the first quarter with a 53-yard. Touchdown run by Pierre Garcon following a 2-yard touchdown run from 33 yards. And 37 yards in a row giving the Redskins a 20-17 lead in . part. Steven Jackson ran a 2 yard touchdown in the Third Quarter while the Falcons led 24-20.

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Mike Shanahan decided to win instead of a draw with 18 seconds left in the game.

In the fourth quarter, Matt Bryant scored a 51-yard field goal to lift the Falcons. To 7 in the 3:25 remaining in the game. In the ensuing drive Kirk Cousins ​​moved the ball slowly across. The field and closed it with a touch of 3 yards past Santana Moss. Mike Shanahan decided to win instead of a draw with 18 seconds left in the game and his team. Failed to turn around a 2-point change and the Washington Redskins lost. To the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 1 by 27-26 points. . No team will make the Playoffs this year but it was a tough battle and Kirk Cousins ​​ended up completing 64% of his passes in 381 yards, 3 touchdowns with 2 interceptions and played much better than struggling Robert Griffin III .

It was a defensive battle in Detroit where the Lions against the Baltimore Ravens were able to control. The Lions’ explosion holding Matt Stafford in just 235 yards, 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions. In the first quarter, the Lions struck first with a touchdown of 14 yards from Reggie Bush. That put them ahead 7-0 at the end of the quarter. The Second Quarter was for the Ravens and Justin Tucker kicked 3-yard field goals from 29, 24. And finally 32 yards out with half time left giving the Ravens a 9-7 lead after two quarters. About halfway through the Third Quarter, Tucker scored a 49-yard field goal and with 1:49 remaining. In the quarter, David Akers rallied a 40-yard field goal to close the Ravens in the lead. Only 2 in 12-10.

In the fourth quarter

In the fourth quarter, Tucker kicked a 53-yard field goal and Baltimore led 15-10 with 8:06 remaining in the game. Matt Stafford then compiled the drive that ended with a 14-yard touchdown. Pass to Joseph Fauria with a 21:21 left in the game giving the Lions the lead. In an attempt to increase three points, the Lions tried to convert two points and failed. In the next drive Joe Flacco passed the ball and in the 4th down with 38 seconds left on. The clock the Ravens kicked a 61-yard field goal and led again 18-16 and won the game. Justin Tucker was the player with the game with 6 goals on the field.


  1. The Denver Broncos lost the game or the San Diego Charger won 27-20
  2. The Atlanta Falcons beat Washington Redskins 27-26
  3. Cleveland Brown lost the Chicago Bears game 38-31
  4. Indianapolis Colts beat Houston Oilers 25-3
  5. The Miami Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots 24-20
  6. The Minnesota Vikings defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 48-30
  7. The Seattle Seahawks defeated the New York Giants 23-0
  8. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 33-14
  9. The Jacksonville Jaguars lost in the Buffalo Bills game 27-20
  10. Kansas City Chiefs easily beat Oakland Raiders 56-31
  11. The New York Jets lost in a game the Carolina Panthers won 30-20
  12. The Green Bay Packers narrowly beat the Dallas Cowboys 37-36
  13. The Arizona Cardinals won overtime beating the Tennessee Titans 37-34
  14. The New Orleans Saints lost in the St. Louis Rams victory 27-16
  15. The Cincinnati Bengals loss the match The Pittsburgh Steelers wins 30-20
  16. The Baltimore Ravens snarled Detroit Lions 18-16
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WEEK 15 Review of NFL POINTS


  1. Nick Foles threw for 428 yards and 3 touchdowns for 1 touchdown in their loss to the Vikings.
  2. Ryan Matthews ran the ball 29 times for 127 yards and 1 touch. Making an average of 4.4 yards per touch.
  3. Andre Caldwell holds 6 passes for 59 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  4. Kirk Cousins ​​replaced Robert Griffin III and completed 64.4% of his 381-yard pass, 3 touchdowns in 2 crosses.
  5. Tony Gonzalez grabbed 6 passes 62 yards and 1 touch and surpassed the 15,000 Yard Recruitment mark.
  6. Justin Tucker kicked 6 goals and the longest from 61 yards out of all 18 points. The Ravens scored in the 15th week.
  7. Jay Cutler is back in action again after throwing 2 crosses connected with his receivers 266 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  8. DeSean Jackson holds 10 passes for 195 yards and 1 touch for an average of 19.5 yards per touch.
  9. Jamaal Charles held 8 passes for 195 yards and 4 touchdowns and ran. The ball 8 times for 20 yards and 1 touchdown giving him 5 touchdowns a day.
  10. Matt Cassel completed 74.3% of his 382 yards pass and ground touch while throwing 1 interception.
  11. Kendall Wright holds 12 drive for 150 yards.
  12. Drew Brees threw 393 yards and 1 touchdown and had 2 blocked passes.
  13. Zac Stacy handled the ball 28 times for 133 yards and one block.
  14. Dez Bryant holds 11 passes for 153 yards and 1 touchdown.
  15. Tom Brady threw 364 yards and 2 touchdowns per 1 touchdown.


  1. Mike Wallace holds 6 105 yards for passes and 1 touchdown.
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 62.1% of his 402 yards pass with 2 touchdowns and 2 shutouts.
  3. Pierre Garcon holds 7 passes for 129 yards and 1 touchdown.
  4. Matt Forte handled the ball 27 times for 127 yards.
  5. Ryan Tannehill completed 67.7% of his 312 yards pass and 3 touchdowns.
  6. Julian Edelman holds 13 passes for 139 yards and 1 touchdown. In the same match, Danny Amendola held 10 passes for 131 yards.
  7. Jordan Todman ran 25 times in 109 yards.
  8. Tony Romo threw for 358 yards and 2 touchdowns on 2 crosses.
  9. Eddie Lacy handled the ball 21 times for 141 yards and 1 touchdown. Making an average of 6.7 yards per touch.
  10. Eli Manning had a bad day throwing 5 interceptions completing only 58.1% of his 156 yards pass and zero touchdowns.
  11. Greg Jennings holds 11 passes for 163 yards and 1 touchdown.
  12. Alex Smith threw for 287 yards and 5 touchdowns for a five-yard touchdown pass.
  13. Calvin Johnson held 6 passes for 98 yards.
  14. Brandon Marshall holds 6 passes for 95 yards and 1 touchdown.
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• Eli Manning moved 1st to # 19 ahead of Jim Everett and follows Jim Kelly with 34 yards. For career passes, 63 yards short of 35,000 for his career.

• Carson Palmer rose 3 places to # 27 last time at Hall of Fame Quarterback. Troy Aikman, Hall of Fame Quarterback Y.A. Tittle and Hall of Fame Quarterback Steve Young and is behind Phil Simms with 33,154 Yards of Pass Pass. Palmer also threw 1 touchdown 15 Week 15 and passed Jim Hart to # 29 behind Hall of Fame Quarterback. Terry Bradshaw with 210 Career Passing Touchdowns.


• Steven Jackson hit 2 touchdowns in the 15th week and promoted 2 points past Brandon Jacobs. Terrell Davis and Ahman Green in the # 28 tie with Herschel Walker. And Hall of Fame Running Back OJ Simpson with 61 Career Rushing Touchdowns.

• Marshawn Lynch moved 1st to # 32 ahead of Roger Craig and Curt Warner and is followed by
Jamal Lewis and Mike Alstott with 57 Career Rushing Touchdowns.


Steve Smith climbed 1st to # 19 past Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Charlie Joiner. And follows Jimmy Smith with 12,153 Yards of Recruitment Yards.

Santana Moss climbed 1st to # 38 ahead of Donald Driver and trains Andre Rison in 10,141 Yards Receiving. Moss also caught one touchdown in Week 15 and went on to Sterling Sharpe, Sonny Randle. Bobby Mitchell, Charlie Joiner, Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Michael Irvin. Henry Ellard and Gary Clark in tie # 28 with Jimmy Orr, Derrick Mason, Roy. Green and Calvin Johnson with 66 Career Receiving Touchdowns.

Marquis Colston climbed with 1 slot past Dante Lavelli, Herman Moore, Mushin Muhammad. And Hall of Fame Tight End Shannon Sharpe in tie # 31 with Terrance Mathis. Keenan McCardell, Anthony Miller, Carl Pickins, John Stallworth and Anquan Boldin with 63 Care Receiving Touchdowns.

Greg Jennings went tier # 37 with Otis Taylor with 57 Career Receiving Touchdowns.

Brandon Marshall promoted one place ahead of Ricky Proehl, Amani Toomer and Wesley Walls. Competing for # 39 with Chris Burford and Ed McCaffrey with 55 Career Receiving Touchdowns.


• Osi Umenyiora lifted 1st place in the tie # 39 with Lee Williams and Patrick Kerney. Having 82.5 career Sacks.

• Justin Smith entered the Top 40 at # 40 tied with Tim Harris for 81.0 Career Sacks.

Michael Egan, owner of http://www.myalltimefavorites.com is a specialist in research. And statistics and tracks this and other information on topics on the website. The compilation began as a list of all-time favorite players tied to a large collection of Mr. trading cards. Egan has also emerged as a go-to resource for NFL information. Each page under team categories shows the best players collected by each team’s history below.

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